Wild Rose Massage Therapy & Healing Arts with Simone Coulars
Flower Essences


Flower Essences are like energy healing in a bottle. Each essence imparts the energetic imprint of a particular flower. They assist us in our transformational processes; anything from depression & anxiety to wishing to feel more at home in our bodies to seeking to feel more empowered can be addressed. Flower Essences are deeply powerful yet subtle healing allies. I recommend working with them in conjunction with additional forms of healing support such as bodywork, acupuncture, counseling, art making, journaling ect. for best results. I advise working with the blend I create for you for at least one month. Currently I'm only making flower essence blends for massage clients for $22 a bottle.

Just of few of the ways the Essences can assist:

  • anxiety, depression, ptsd, release of emotional trauma 
  • grounding, calming, restoration, integration
  • deeper personal empowerment, inner strength, energetic boundaries 
  • more creative flow, abundance 
  • trust issues
  • greater experience of support in challenging times
  • moving energetic stagnation 
  • deeper connection to Self & others
  • deeper alignment with soul purpose