Wild Rose Massage Therapy & Healing Arts with Simone Coulars
Ayurveda & Yoga


Private Ayurveda with Yoga session:

It includes:

-A warm up set, Sun/Moon Salutations, Short Yoga set, pranayama practices, mudras
-Suggestions for crafting an Ayurvedic morning & evening routine to support optimizing wellbeing
-Suggestions for balancing the doshas(vata/pitta/kapha) to support wellbeing & tips for nourishing ojas to support vitality

-Tips for aligning more deeply with natural rhythms & cycles 
-Abhyanga self oil massage instruction(includes breast massage instruction) + a personalized suggestion for the most suited oil to use


+ a few yummy recipes for: homemade chai, date shake & dosha balancing recipes for teas & chutneys + a recipe for making your own ghee
+ I'll suggest 1 personalized flower essence you can work with based on what you share
+PDF handouts of everything shared
+a follow up check-in after a month